About Us

“God comes to us through our scars and our wounds, not our awards and acclamations”.
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda’s quote from the Harvard Business Review is fitting. It fits me, it fits you and it fits us. I have a Psychosis. This is my reality. My acceptance of the fact marked a inner shift from an incurable diseases to a wound that started to scaring. Life has not become easier, but definitely lighter. It gave me the idea of “Love your Scars“. It is my aspiration that you, that us, celebrate our scars. Because they are part of us. Because they made us who we are now.

We should make a point of it!  In short: “Love your Scars”

On Premium Organic T-shirts, Hoodies and Caps. All clothing is Global Organic Textile Standard certified. People like us to have to take responsibility for ourselves and our surroundings. This means it is also important for me to keep our wonderful planet clean and protected. Why not carry a message to world, literally, Love your Scars. Because all its readers will recognise something in themselves.

Don’t we all have scars, some more visible then others?